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 I-84/I-91 Travelers Bldg 
 I-91 Exit 27
Interstate 95
 N/B West of Exit 2 James St 
S/B Between Exits 3-2 Ritch Ave
S/B Between Exits 3-2 @Weigh Station
N/B Exit 3 Steamboat Road
S/B Between Exits 4-3 Kinsman Avenue
N/B Exit 4 Indian Field Road
S/B Between Exits 5-4 West of Strickland Ave
S/B Exit 5 Riverside Avenue
N/B Exit 5 Rte 1 Connector
Laddins Rock Rd. Btw.Exit 5-6
N/B Exits 6-7 Wilson St
N/B Between Exits 7-8 Atlantic St
S/B Exit 8 Clark Hill
N/B Between Exits 8-9 Lockwood Ave
S/B Exit 9 Boston Post Rd
S/B Exits 10-9 Darien Rest Area
S/B Exits 10-9 Hollow Tree Ridge
N/B Exit 10 Norton Ave
S/B Exit 10 South
N/B Exit 12 East of Bridge 44
N/B Exits 12-13 Darien Rest Area
S/B Exit 13 Kings Highway North


Interstate 95
N/B Exits 13-14 Richards Ave
S/B Exits 14-13 Rampart Road
S/B Exit 14 Taylor Road
S/B Exit 15 Stuart Ave
S/B North Exit 15 @ Rte 7 - CT. Ave
N/B Exit 15 @ AMTRAK/Metro North Railroad
S/B East Avenue
Karen Dr. Btw.Exit 16-17
S/B Exit 17 Saugatuck Ave
N/B Exits 17-18 Elaine Rd
S/B Exits 18-17 Hales St
S/B Exits 18-17 Compo Hills Pond
N/B Exit 18 Beachside Rd
S/B Exits 19-18 New Creek Rd
N/B Exits 18-19 Maple Ave
N/B Exits 18-19 Sasco Creek
S/B Exit 19 Mill Hill Rd
N/B Exits 20-21 Pine Creek
N/B Exit 22 Fairfield Rest Area N/B
N/B Exit 22 North Benson Rd
S/B Exit 23 Meadowbrook Rd
S/B Exits 24-23 New England Ave
S/B Exits 25-24 Brentwood Rd


Interstate 95
N/B Exit 25 Fairfield Ave
N/B Exit 26 Wordin Ave
N/B Exit 27 Myrtle Ave
N/B Exit 27 West of Main St
S/B Exit 28 Pembroke Street
Rte 25 Bridgeport S/B North of I-95 Exit 27
N/B east of Exit 29 Beardsley St
N/B Exit 30 Surf Ave
S/B Exit 31 Honeyspot Rd
N/B Exit 31 South Ave
S/B Exits 33-32 Main St
Barnum Ave. East of Exit 33
S/B Exits 34-33 Naugatuck Ave
N/B Exit 34 Bridgeport Ave
S/B Exit 35 School House Rd
N/B Exit 36 Plains Rd
S/B Exit 38 Milford Pkwy
S/B Exits 39-38 West River Rd
S/B Exits 39-38 Orange Ave
N/B Exit 39 Boston Post Rd
N/B Exit 40 East Town Rd
N/B Exit 40 Woodmont Rd
N/B Exits 40-41 @ Milford Rest Area


Interstate 95
West Haven
S/B Exits 42-41 Morgan Lane
N/B Exits 41-42 Ailing Crossing
S/B East of Exit 42 Greta St
S/B Exit 43 First Ave
New Haven
N/B Exits 44-45 Kimberly Ave
N/B Exits 45-46 Long Wharf Dr
N/B Exit 47 Canal Dock
Route 34 Brewery St North of I-95 Exit 47
I-91 New Haven North of I-95 Exit 48
N/B Exit 48 East St
N/B Exit 49 Stiles St
East Haven
S/B Exit 51 Saltonstall Pkwy
N/B Exits 52-53 West of Lake Saltonstall
N/B Exits 52-53 Hosley Ave
Rte 1 N/B at I-95 Exit 53
N/B Exits 53-54 Branford Service Area
N/B Exit 54 Todds Hill Rd
S/B Exit 54-55 Chestnut Hill Rd
N/B Exit 54-55 Mill Plain Rd
S/B Exit 55 West of Rt 1 on-ramp
N/B west of Exit 56
N/B Exit 56 Leetes Island


Last Updated 01-08-2005

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