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New York City Private Schools Directory

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English Prep Tutoring

Forest Hills, Queens, New York, N.Y
Private Tutoring In New York City
No charge Needs Assessment and Sample Instruction.  No Commitment Necessary
Tutoring for SAT English, Essays, Homework   
Admission Essay Coaching
Systematic Methods Are Used to Achieve Highest Long Term Results
Harvard Graduate
Thesis Awarded High Honors
Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Private Tutoring For High School . Junior High Students . College . Graduate Students
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The Allen-Stevenson School 132 E. 78th St, near Lexington Ave, New York, NY
Rigorous academic curriculum and diverse athletic program, as well as extensive programs in drama, orchestra, and chorus, develops the students  confidence as an individual and as part of a group.

Boys; Grades K–9
Enrollment: 375
Tuition range: $23,150–$24,320

Bank Street School for Children 610 W. 112th St., near Broadway; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Nursery–8
Enrollment: 438
Tuition range: $16,770–$21,860

The Berkeley Carroll School Lower School
701 Carroll St., near Sixth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn; New York, NY
The school has four educational divisions - the Child Care Center, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School.
Coed; Pre-Grades K–4
Middle and Upper Schools
181 Lincoln Place, near Seventh Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn; New York, NY
Berkeley Carroll School's college-preparatory academic program emphasizes critical thinking, informed decision-making, and life-long learning. Under the guidance of dynamic and energetic teachers, students are challenged to stretch their imaginations, discover creative resources, and strive to fulfill their intellectual promise.
Coed; Grades 5–12
Enrollment: 800
Tuition range: $9,850–$20,250

Lower School
Middle and Upper Schools
The Birch Wathen Lenox School 210 E. 77th St., near Third Ave.; New York, NY
Traditional Coeducational independent school offering a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. 
Coed; K–12
Enrollment: 440
Tuition range: $19,700–$23,100

The Brearley School 610 E. 83rd St., near East End Ave.; New York, NY
Private school for girls, was founded in 1884 to provide its students with a college-preparatory education equal in rigor to that of boys, and, in the words of our mission statement today, to prepare them for “active responsible citizenship in a democratic society.” Within a highly articulated 13-year curriculum, and with a 7:1 student-faculty ratio, teaching methods are varied, flexible and pragmatic, taking into account individual patterns of development and ways of learning.

Girls; Grades K–12
Director of admissions and financial aid: Elizabeth Manley Murray
Enrollment: 663
Tuition range: $23,300–$24,700

Brooklyn Friends School 375 Pearl St., near Willoughby St., Downtown Brooklyn; New York, NY
Brooklyn Friends School (BFS) is an independent, college preparatory Quaker school serving a culturally diverse educational community of approximately 600 students, ages 20 months through 12th grade. Founded in 1867 by The Brooklyn Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, BFS is guided by the ideals of acceptance, compassion, equality and non-violence. In keeping with Quaker custom, weekly meetings for all students afford time for silence and reflection.

Coed; Grades Pre-K–12
Director of admissions for preschool: Sara Soll
Director of admissions for K–12: Jennifer Knies
Enrollment: 595
Tuition range: $7,300–$21,500

The Browning School 52 E. 62nd St., near Madison Ave.; New York, NY
The Browning School was founded in 1888 by John A. Browning, a distinguished scholar and gifted teacher. Today, the Browning School still operates on the basic core principles laid down by Mr. Browning more than a century ago: a school for boys, small classes, close personal attention for each student, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, a heavy emphasis on fostering initiative, and a broad course of study that focuses less on developing a student’s memory than his capacity for understanding.
One of the first students, John D. Rockefeller Jr., recalled Mr. Browning as a remarkable teacher who “inspired interest in learning.” He said Mr. Browning “helped me to study and to concentrate.... I owe a great deal to him, more than to any other teacher I ever had.”

Boys; Grades K–12
Director of admissions: Jacqueline A. Casey
Enrollment: 368
Tuition range: $22,685–$23,995

The Buckley School 113 E. 73rd St., near Park Ave.; New York, NY
Boys, Grades K–9
Enrollment: 355
Tuition range: $21,000 for all grades

The Cathedral School 1047 Amsterdam Ave., at 111th St.; New York, NY
The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine is an independent Episcopal coeducational day school for children of all faiths, Kindergarten through eighth grade. A strong academic program blends the best in traditional and innovative teaching.

Coed; Grades K–8
Director of admissions: Catherine Hubacz
Enrollment: 263
Tuition range: $19,950–$20,900

The Chapin School 100 East End Ave., near 84th St.; New York, NY
Girls; Grades K–12
Director of Lower School admissions: Elizabeth Ferenczi
Director of Upper and Middle School Admissions: Tina Herman
Enrollment: 650
Tuition range: $22,600 for all grades

City and Country School 146 W. 13th St., near Sixth Ave.; New York, NY
The was founded in 1914 for children ages 2 to 13 with social studies as the core of the curriculum, enriched through science, mathematics, literature and the arts students are offered varied opportunities to explore and question the human story, both past and present.
Coed; Grades Nursery – 8th
Enrollment: 250
Tuition range: $10,300–$20,000

Collegiate School 260 W. 78th St., near Broadway; New York, NY
The school offers a rigorous K-12 program rich in opportunities for cultivating individual talents and interests in a climate of collaboration and respect. Collegiate continues its historic tradition in New York City of educating a diverse and talented student body and of helping boys to become independent adults and responsible citizens who will lead and serve.

Boys; K–12
Enrollment: 620
Tuition range: $22,500–$23,400

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School 26 W. 94th St., near Central Park West; New York, NY
Coed; Pre-K–3
5 W. 93rd St., near Central Park West, New York, NY
The quality of our teachers and our academic program are the keys to our success as a school. Over the past decade, we have developed an outstanding core of teachers whose energy, enthusiasm and love of learning are reflected in every aspect of school life. While all of our teachers have strong academic backgrounds with a variety of intellectual strengths, we place great importance on temperament and character: teachers who have the warmth of personality and the patience not only to educate but to help each child develop a sense of self-worth and confidence. It is important to note that we have one of the lowest student/faculty ratios of any school in New York City, less than 7 to 1, creating an atmosphere of small classes and personal attention to each child's needs. While our requirements and expectations in the traditional areas of English, history, math, science and foreign languages are demanding, as is expected of a college preparatory program, our offerings in art, music and theater, along with an extensive physical education and athletic program, allow us to develop all aspects of a child's interests and talents.

Coed; 4-12
Director of admissions: Simone Hristidis
Enrollment: 998
Tuition range: $21,250–$24,200

Convent of the Sacred Heart 1 E. 91st St., at Fifth Ave.; New York, NY
Convent of the Sacred Heart combines an outstanding academic experience with an environment that nurtures the heart, mind and spirit of its young women. We offer a rigorous and challenging curricular program for girls from pre-k through grade 12. The intertwining of intellect and soul is the essence of a Sacred Heart education.

Girls, Pre-K–12
Director of admissions: Barbara S. Root
Enrollment: 635
Tuition range: $12,333–$22,735

The Dalton School First Program
53 E. 91st St., near Madison Ave, New York, NY
Coed; K–3
Middle and High Schools
108 E. 89th St., near Park Ave, New York, NY
Coed; 4–12
Director of admissions for entire school: Elisabeth Krents
Director of admissions for Middle and High Schools: Eva Rado
Enrollment: 1,294
Tuition range: $22,950–$24,680

The Dwight/Anglo-American International Schools 291 Central Park W., near 88th St, New York, NY
Coed; K–12
Director of admissions for K–5: Susan Harriot
Director of admissions for 6–12: Vimmi Shroff
Enrollment: 420 students
Tuition range: $21,000–$22,500

The Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools Ethical Culture
33 Central Park W., at 63rd St, New York, NY
Coed; Pre-K–6 for Manhattan students
Fieldston Lower and Fieldston
4400 Fieldston Rd., near Delafield Ave., Riverdale, the Bronx, New York, NY
Coed; Pre-K–6 for students outside Manhattan
Coed; 7–12 for all students
Director of admissions: James Thompson
Enrollment: 1,611
Tuition range: $21,200–$23,900

Ethical Culture
Fieldston Lower
Friends Seminary 222 E. 16th St., near Third Ave.; New York, NY
Coed; Grades K–12
Director of admissions: Harriet Burnett
Enrollment: 635
Tuition range: $20,820–$21,780

Grace Church School 86 Fourth Ave., near 10th St.; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–8
Director of admissions: Martha Hirschman
Enrollment: 394
Tuition range: $19,300–$21,700

The Hewitt School 45 E. 75th St., near Madison Ave.; New York, NY
Girls; Grades K–12
Director of admissions: Anita S. Edwards
Enrollment: 450
Tuition range: $22,350–$24,750

Horace Mann School Lower Division
4440 Tibbett Ave., near W. 246th St., Riverdale, the Bronx; New York, NY
Coed; Grades K–5
Middle and Upper Divisions
231 W. 246th St., near Cayuga Ave., Riverdale, the Bronx; New York, NY
Coed; Grades 6-12
Director of admissions of Lower Division: Wendy Steinthal
Director of admissions of Middle and Upper Divisions: Lisa Moreira
Enrollment: 1,744
Tuition range: $17,500–$24,500

Lower Division
Middle and Upper Divisions
Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School Lower and Middle Schools
272 Sixth Ave., near Bleecker St, New York, NY
Co-ed; Grades Pre-K–8
High School
40 Charlton St., near Varick St.
Coed; 9–12
Director of admissions: Barbara H. Scott
Enrollment: 491
Tuition range: $20,295–$23,275

Manhattan Country School 7 E. 96th St., near Fifth Ave, New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–8
Director of admissions: Elizabeth Jarvis
Enrollment: 191
Tuition range: Tuition is determined on an individual family basis; families pay 5% to 12% of their income up to a maximum of $17,000–$21,000

Marymount School of New York 1026 Fifth Ave., near 83rd St, New York, NY
Coed; Grades Nursery–Pre-K Girls; K–12
Director of admissions: Concepcion R. Alvar
Enrollment: 512
Tuition range: $13,600–$22,350

Metropolitan Montessori School 325 W. 85th St., near West End Ave.; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–6
Director of admissions: Margi Doherty
Enrollment: 200
Tuition range: $15,500–$19,200

The Nightingale-Bamford School 20 E. 92nd St., near Fifth Ave.; New York, NY
Girls; Grades K–12
Director of admissions: Carole J. Everett
Enrollment: 560
Tuition range: $22,485–$24,450

The Packer Collegiate Institute 170 Joralemon St., near Clinton St., Brooklyn Heights; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–12
Director of admissions for Pre-K–4: Valorie Iason
Director of admissions for 5–12: Matthew Nespole
Enrollment: 920
Tuition range: $15,650–$19,425

Poly Prep Country Day School Lower School
50 Prospect Park W., near 1st St., Park Slope, New York, NY Brooklyn; 
Coed; Grades nursery – 4
Middle and Upper Schools
9216 Seventh Ave., near 39th St., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 
Coed; 5–12
Director of admissions for Lower School: Margery Morse
Director of admissions for Middle and Upper Schools: Lori Redell
Enrollment: 950
Tuition range: $6,360–$22,154

Lower School
Middle and Upper Schools
Regis High School 55 E. 84th St., near Madison Ave.; New York, NY
Catholic boys; Grades 9–12
Director of admissions: Eric DiMichele
Enrollment: 523
Tuition range: free; admitted students receive complete scholarships and pay only activity and laboratory fees

The Riverdale Country Day School 5250 Fieldston Rd., near W. 253rd St., Riverdale, Bronx; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–12
Tuition range: 

Saint Ann’s School 129 Pierrepont St., near Clinton St., Brooklyn Heights; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K–12
Director of admissions: Diana Lomask
Enrollment: 1,056
Tuition range: $14,150–$20,500

Saint David’s School 12 E. 89th St., near Fifth Ave.; New York, NY
Boys; Grades nursery – 8th
Co-directors of admissions: Janet H. Sughrue and Julie B. Sykes
Enrollment: 375
Tuition range: $15,500–$23,500

The Spence School 22 E. 91st St., near Fifth Ave.; New York, NY
Girls; Grades K1 – K12
Director of admissions: Alice Shedlin
Enrollment: 620
Tuition range: $21,050–$22,045

St. Hilda’s and St. Hugh’s School 619 W. 114th St., near Broadway; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Toddler – 8th
Director of admissions: Roxandra Antoniadis
Enrollment: 365
Tuition range: $5,029–$20,330

St. Luke’s School 487 Hudson St., near Grove St.; New York, NY
Coed; Grades Pre-K – 8
Director of admissions: Susan Parker
Enrollment: 197
Tuition range: $19,185–$20,340

United Nations International School 173-53 Croydon Rd., near Homelawn St., Jamaica Estates; New York, NY
Coed; Grades K–8
24–50 Franklin D. Roosevelt Dr., near 25th St.; New York, NY
Coed; K–12
Director of admissions: Anne Lowenstein
Enrollment: 1,456
Tuition range: $16,500–$18,300

Jamaica Estates Location
Roosevelt Drive Location
Village Community School 272 W. 10th St., near Greenwich St.; New York, NY
Coed; Grades K–8
Director of admissions: Jennifer Trano
Enrollment: 312
Tuition range: $18,700–$19,900

York Preparatory School 40 W. 68th St., near Central Park West; New York, NY, 10023
Coed; Grades 6–12
Director of admissions:
Jacqueline Leber, Cathy Minaudo
Enrollment: 350
Tuition range: $34,800–$35,400


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