Partyline Wedding & Party Dance Band

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PartyLine is a professional nine-piece band available for weddings, corporate functions, private engagements and nightclub performances. Available for Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Corporate Events. If you have an occasion we have the music for you.

The Band

The group consists of nine people including male and female vocalists, guitarist, drummer, bass guitarist, keyboardist and a three-piece horn section. is well equipped with JBL sound reinforcement to perform in smaller rooms to larger outdoor venues. We also provide continuous music on our breaks including our own DJ system equipped with an extensive library. Some of the instruments in the band are Baritone & Tenor Saxes, Flute, Clarinet, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Tenor, Alto, Soprano Saxes, Keyboards, Bass Guitar.


Performances for conventions, corporate functions, social galas, weddings, television, radio, benefits, grand openings, industrials, awards events, theme parties

How to Get People Dancing At Your Wedding

Once you have hired Partyline Dance Band your halfway there. Work with Partyline Band to develop the overall sound that you want and the assortment of music you want included. One suggestion is to begin the evening with "after dinner" music of classy, romantic tunes, followed by upbeat, contemporary songs. Wind things down with a soulful mix - a variety that will be sure to please the crowd. Pepper your selection with special dance songs that encourage group participation, including those old favorites - a wedding isn't complete without a chicken dance or two. Put your wedding attendants to work - get them on their feet and into action and have them invite other guests onto the dance floor.



Once dinner and speeches are over, you and your guests are ready to PARTY!

You have a huge age group who want to dance you and your wedding party, your friends, your parents and their friends, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces and nephews, neighbors, work associates and everyone has different tastes and expectations.

Sounds like an impossible task for a band to perform for teenagers right up to golden agers, but The Partyline Band not only handles it with ease, we handle it with absolute pleasure. There are few other opportunities for musicians to perform all styles in one night, and we love to see the combinations of different generations "getting into" each other's music. Partyline has experience and musical talent to entertain everyone at your wedding or party event.

From strict tempo ballroom to disco, dance mix, country line dancing, rock, alternative and the latest dance craze - The Partyline Band will just keep the hits coming all night.

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Music Samples

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Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5


Have a Wedding & Wedding Reception That Everyone Remembers.


Personalized Service

Our music encompasses a wide spectrum as reflected in our client base. We meet individual needs through a consultative approach to make your important event a success. From complete orchestra to function specific ensembles, we will create an ambience appropriate for your event


This hallmark of the The Partyline Band ensures the success of your event. The Orchestra keeps its finger of the pulse of the audience while performing a tremendous variety of styles including swing, Motown, Soul, Rock, Latin, Contemporary, Jazz, Big band, and Classical. The orchestra will focus on a specific era or style for theme events.

Why is live music important at your wedding reception ? Wouldn't a DJ be less expensive?

Think about it. Some of the least memorable moments of your life have been spent at wedding receptions with DJ's providing the music. The variety is there, but usually there is also a loud booming sound system used to enable the DJ to scream at the audience with a fake sense of excitement. Yes, a DJ is less expensive, and looks that way, and sounds that way. With live music, the excitement is real and immediate, and the memory of your event will stand the test of a lifetime. When you are creating memories for the rest of your life, live music isn't really very expensive.

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