Ageless Airbrush Tanning

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Ageless Airbrush Tanning
1871 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT


Is it Safe?

The Activating Ingredient Is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) And Has Been Approved By The FDA Since 1972 For Cosmetic Use. 

Is It Also A Sunscreen?

NO!! You Must Still Protect Your Skin From UV Rays.

I Have Extremely Fair Skin, Will I Get Tanned?  

YES.  You’ll Amaze Your Friends With Your Gorgeous “Golden Glow”

How will it fade?

The DHA Interacts With  Proteins In The 2 Uppermost Layers Of Your Skin, Turning Your Skin Brown.  As You Naturally Shed Your Dead Skin Cells, You Begin To Fade. Each Person Sheds Differently.  The Guides Will Assist You In Keeping Your Tan Alive For The  Maximum Period Of Time





Health Reports Spray-On Tans Are The Hot New Thing

We Are The FIRST And VERY BEST Airbrush Tanning Service In Fairfield County Connecticut.

Keep Your Skin AGELESS By Doing What Only Celebrities Were Able To Do And Millions Of People Across The Country Are Now Discovering…..Getting A CUSTOMIZED, UV-Free Golden Glow Today!


Why Get An Air Brush Tan ?

NO ORANGE (Honestly!!)

Why use Ageless Airbrush Tan, LLC?  

  Certified, Professional Technician
  Friendly, Caring Customer Service
  Premium Solution
  Private, spa-like airbrushing  environment
  Best Value

How Much Does It Cost ?

Special Introductory Offer
Of 2 Sessions For $60.00

Ageless Airbrush Tanning
1871 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT

Ask About Our Wedding Packages, Gift Certificates & Host A Tanning Party

Located in:
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Call For Your Appointment Today Or If Have Any Questions We Will Happy To Hear From You.









I've Tried The UV-Free Spray Booths With Disappointing Results, Is This Similar?

NO!! This Method Is NOT By Machine!!

While Standing, Your Certified Professional Technician Is Able To Customize The Application With A Premium, Water-Based Mist To Your Unique Contours And Skin, With An Airbrush.
 You Can Do Partial As Well As Just  A Touch-up. This Private, Relaxing  Method Produces AMAZING RESULTS.   INCREDIBLE, NATURAL-LOOKING -  NO

How Long Will It Last ?

Generally, A Week To 10 Days.  Guidelines Have Been Developed To Assist In Preparing And Maintaining Your Tan

How Long Does It Take?

Plan On About 15 To 20 Minutes.

Statement From The Owner
While in Florida last winter, I was
amazed to find out that 
Airbrush Tanning was a very 
popular way to get a tan.  
Not wanting anymore UV damage, 
I had tried many UV-free methods 
but was always disappointed.  
After getting airbrushed for the 
first time, the end result was just 
what I had been hoping for!  
The husband and wife team I 
discovered grew a small airbrush 
tanning service into a 5 other 
successful locations due to their 
on-going research, training and 
extraordinary customer service.   
I’m delighted to offer this terrific 

service to Fairfield County!                                                                                       Peggy Lukacsy, Owner Operator

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